A Story of Pare

Most people know the existance of The English Village of Pare. Yup, I’m gonna tell you about this legendary village, about what kind of courses I’ve taken there, and about my experience for sure. Okey, let’s get it started.

In 2014 was my second visit, while in 2013 was my first visit. In 2013, it was only 2 weeks I spent in Pare since I had to be ready for my departure to South Korea. But, in 2014, it was 2 months I spent to stay in Pare. Yeah, I admit it was quite long, but I think this was investment.

At my first experience in 2013, I chose to stay in Fajar Camp, took its program called VOA, and took another program at Elfast as well, namely Confidence Speaking. However, I attained information that everynight Mr. Abdul—Confidence Speaking Tutor—manages a class. It is pronounciation class called Kemenyek class, taught personally by him. I was attempting to attend in that class although it was only a week. For your information, the class only can be participated by alumnus or present student of confidence speaking class, and the class still exist until now.

At my second experience in 2014, I decided to stay at The Benefit Camp. I found myself disappointed because of its cost for staying a month at The Benefit. Moreover, I was forced to take at least one program from The Benefit that I could stay at The Benefit Camp. And, I had no choice, it couldn’t be helped. Once I thought to manage move in second month from The Benefit to ordinary boarding house which—as long as I’ve been knowing—cheaper than other camps. But, it didn’t happen because I got much cheaper fee for stay in second month, and no more force to attend in one of its classes.


I spent my first month to take 4 programs a day including forced-The-Benefit program. There were—from 7 AM to 10 AM—Pre-TOEFL class at ELFAST, Step Two at The Daffodils—from 10.30 AM to 2 PM–, and Kaiwa Dasar 1 at WTC—from 4 PM to 6 PM and 7.30 PM to 9 PM. I forgot to tell you that I had my class at The Benefit stopped because on continuing days I got it crashed with my class at The Daffodils. Therefore, I determined to arrange the trouble to prefer to pick The Daffodils class rather than The Benefit class since I knew The Benefit class I chose was only very basic grammar study—yup you can imagine it was only a formality class that I was allowed to stay at The Benefit camp.

There were a lot of lessons I obtained from Pre-TOEFL class at ELFAST, and it could make my score in Structure Section in TOEFL test launched highly to the sky. Once i got my top score—only 3 falses—in Structure Section. Yet, Listening and Reading Section always need not only a bunch of theory, but also need a mountain of flight hours.

CCU (Cross Culture Understanding) was my main study in Step Two class. The tutor—mom Septin—is one of founders of The Daffodils. It’s not like I want to praise her, but I don’t know why it seemed she has a lot of insight to teach to us—her former students. Dayly after Step Two class was over, I had next class—study club class—at 12.30 PM although mainly that class only dealt with games in the class.


Every 4 PM, I had a class at WTC. It was Japanese class, just a basic Japanese study. Sensei—a term of Japanese refered to a teacher—claimed that once he stayed in Japan for few years. Besides studying and memorizing hiragana and katakana for sure in the class, I managed to memorize the first step of memorizing Kanji (100 Kanji) though I only can memorize teens of that 100 Kanji. It is such a hard work to memorize few of them. The study club sometimes was held at 7.30 PM since study club—at WTC—is just an emphasis of main class.


If I’m not mistaken, it was in vigilant situation for Kelud mountain before its eruption when I arrived in Pare on January 12, 2014. That’s why I witnessed Kelud Mountain was erupting on February 13. It was terrifying circumstance watching Kelud erupted. Right before I heard its thunder of eruption, a lot of small stones were falling down like a falling rain from the sky making such a horrible sound. Much sand were falling down raining Pare town, afterward. You know, in that terrible situation I decided to continue my sleep which got interupted before because of Kelud eruption. But, alhamdulillah, that natural disaster which attacked Pare as one of the nearest places from Kelud mountain didn’t cause dangerous result like in other cities, such as Yogyakarta and Solo. It was only sand harvest that many local people received from that blessing natural disaster. However, once it caused one day off for almost courses in Pare—except Eminence English course—because many people arranged to do work together cleaning and collecting the sand.


Kelud eruption didn’t result big troble in Pare. That’s why daily activities were reactive after the eruption. I continued my second month in Pare as well, as usual. In second month, I decided to attend in TOEFL ITP class at ELFAST and Dynamic Class at The Daffodils. Basically I had tried to resume my Japanese class to next step. But I grabed a problem. It was all about the cost of study. All I had to do to reduce its cost was looking for other students. It was a naught. I got nobody want to study with me. High fee, it pushed me to end Japanese study. Yup, I only got one month study Japanese. How pathetic I was.

Dynamic Class—the top step of speaking classes at ELFAST—was an awful class. The tutor, Ms. Tika (honestly I got confused to call her using Ms or Mrs because all I know she have married and has 2 children, but her looking rather looks like a young woman), is a very hyperactive woman. You know, everytime she comes to the class, she always brings a cheerful atmosphere into the class making a bright studying condition. But, one thing that everyone—maybe—hates from herself is she always change someone’s name to a weird name. Ah, I dislike it.


Another class I took in my second month was TOEFL ITP class. Yeah, everyday it has always been a daily scoring. It wasn’t daily scoring exactly, but precisely it was every-two-days scoring. It still made me spending my average time to improve the score, though I enough achieved good score above 550 point. Since it was said that everything needs a consistent effort, be ready or not, it is compulsory to struggle so we can reach what we desire.

Ups, I forgot one thing. Besides its main class, Dynamic Class has study club class as well every afternoon. There are two choices to choose one of them, at 2.30 or 4.00. In that class, either BBC news or CNN news will be played a day making us carefully focus on the audio. Every Thursday a native speaker from Pennsylvania, USA, will come and become an informant to gather much information from. We can also learn english from him as well. His name is Alex, an chemical engineer. from his looking that I observed, I guessed his age is more than 50, but I don’t know for sure. It was just a guess.

In the last 2 weeks before I left Pare, I tried to enroll in Active Speaking at PEACE English Course. And you know, it was only once I attend in the class. Besides I had caught a cold, it was a must for all students to search topic which had been given before by the tutor before they presented it in the class, and everyday like that. So I got problem to do daily searching because of the internet connection. You know, in particular places, it is little bit difficult to get the internet connection.

Above all, I think it wasn’t a big deal for me leaving Active Speaking class because the most essential matter is not to attend in a class but our intention to keep our english proficiency on in our hometown after leaving Pare. That’s the point. While there are many people visiting and staying in Pare with many backgrounds such as seeking for love, spending holiday, travelling, and escaping from the reality of their hometown, we have to make it straight what our intentions are to visit Pare. As long as I know, that is to improve english proficiency why we have to stay in Pare, because what kind of intention it is will determine what kind of activity we will do in Pare.


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